Next Jump is 1 of 3 Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO)
profiled in An Everyone Culture by the Harvard Business Review.
What if a company did everything in its power to create a culture in which everyone, not just select 'high potentials', could overcome their own internal barriers to change and use errors and vulnerabilities as prime opportunities for personal and company growth?

– Dr. Robert Kegan, Harvard University
*Views expressed are opinions of Academy Attendees and not of their employer.
Past Attendees

Academy Alumni Impact

*Views expressed are opinions of Academy Attendees and not of their employer.
John Wainwright
U.S. Navy
Guillermo Carrillo
U.S. Navy

Your Academy Experience

Next Jump Leadership Academy is an invite-only workshop designed to immerse you in our lessons learned from our journey becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO).

OBSERVE rituals, practice DOing what you see, and LEARN the context for how everything fits together.

Program Spotlights

Talking Partners (TPs)
are the closest circle of safety, is a peer coach who you can openly share thoughts, feelings, and ownership with. A TP represents diversity of thinking to support and push you.
is a ritual that helps practice giving Feedback at scale.
Situational Workshops
are a scalable coaching program where senior TP pair mentors two junior TP pairs on helping them improve their decision-making over time.
HR Apps
Aside from practicing rituals around Feedback and Coaching, you will have hands on experience using HR Apps designed in-house to make rituals easier to scale.

Other Highlights

Q&A with Next Jumpers
Hear about the experiences from real Next Jumpers – from senior leadership to some of our newest hires.
Culture Tour
Learn about the origins of Next Jump and hear about our evolution over time.
Taking care of our physical energy is important to bring our best energy to work. Experience how we do Wellness with daily meals, nightly fitness classes, and afternoon sleep class.
Time to Reflect
Rarely do we give ourselves permission to reflect. We’ve deliberately built space for you to reflect on your observations and actions.
See how we wrap up the end of each week in each office with peer recognition.