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Who helped you succeed this month?

Our mission is to make recognizing your servant leaders easier.


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Recognition matters

Great recognition programs lead to increased employee engagement, longer employee retention, and great work from your employees.  By asking “who has helped you succeed?”, Top 10 shifts focus from personal success to employees that have made the largest impact on their colleagues.

Monthly voting

Each month, all of your employees are given 1,000 WOWPoints.  That’s $10. Over the course of the month, employees can give those WOWPoints out to their peers as a way of saying “thank you”.

A program that doesn’t breed arrogance

Top10 develops a culture of humility and reinforces the core organizational value of helping others.

Recognize anytime, anywhere

In the moment, in the gym, or at the end of your day — use the app to vote in Top10 from anywhere.

Recognize the moments and make them last

Your stories can be read, commented, and boosted by other employees.


At the end of the month, the leaderboard with the Top 10 most thanked employees is shared with the company.

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