Pre-Resiliency Training

Helping you develop healthy feedback skills to have difficult conversations


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What is Pre-Resiliency Training (PRT)?

Our peers are often the source of our most valuable feedback, but we rarely get candid, critical feedback from peers. It’s difficult to tell peers “hard truths” as it requires an investment of social capital to do so. In addition, we each have behaviors that shut down peers from telling us the truth.

The desired outcome of Pre-Resiliency Training is to develop an awareness of our behavior that prevents others from giving us the TRUTH, followed by practice on DIALING DOWN this behavior.

5 Ways Pre-Resiliency Training
will help you and your team

  • Feel empowered to share truth candidly, no need to manage perceptions

    Within your team, build up trust and a safe zone to share truth and candid feedback.

  • Enhance your team awareness to unlock the next level of performance

    Boost your ability to absorb feedback and utilize them in growing you.

  • Challenge preconceptions and biases to form a Learning Mindset, not fear of failure

    Boost your ability to absorb feedback and utilize them in growing you.

  • Make decisions confidently without hesitation or procrastination

    Train yourself to process information at a rapid pace. Learn to not get frozen when information and unexpected events come at a rapid pace. Our training program helps to dial down fear, assisting you to achieve composure and effectiveness even in the face of uncertainty.

  • Form strong connection and collaboration, preventing burnout

    Consistent ritual of small group training creates strong bonds between people, preventing isolation and burnout both in-person and remote.

Counterintuitively, the best way to increase the amount of truthful communication between peers is NOT to focus on feedback-giving skills, but instead to train people to DIAL-DOWN behaviors that stop others from giving truthful feedback. Simply stated, PRT upgrades team decision-making by dial-downing behaviors that create silence.

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Step 1 For Leadership

The first part of leadership is being super self-aware. If you are not aware of your own blind spots and biases, you cannot impact, influence, or do any work with other people.

No Growth Leads to Burnout

The human brain is wired to grow. If it doesn’t grow, it feels burnout. The human brain is also wired to protect us so when we feel ashamed and insecure when things aren’t going well, our ego takes over and contradicts the desire to grow.


How To Train For Resilience?

We have become so good at looking around corners of any criticism that we all have built-in protective mechanisms – behaviors that say “I’m going to make it very painful and very difficult for you to tell me the truth”.


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