Dialing Down
Behaviors Which
Prevent Truth

Having the skill to talk openly about problems is the foundation for building
resiliency– the ability to bounce back from adversity.

What Is Pre-Resiliency Training?

You do things every day that prevent other people from giving you the truth. Pre-Resiliency Training (PRT) is a 13-week program tailored to help you discover your truth-preventing behaviors and dial them down.

This training, done as a team, will help you navigate conflict, build more authentic relationships, and be a stronger decision-maker.

What are your
"Red Arrow Behaviors"?

Our peers are often the source of our most valuable feedback, but we rarely get candid, critical feedback from peers. It’s difficult to tell peers “hard truths” as it requires an investment of social capital to do so. In addition, we each have behaviors that shut down peers from telling us the truth.

The desired outcome of Pre-Resiliency Training is to develop an awareness of our behavior that prevents others from giving us the TRUTH, followed by practice on DIALING DOWN this behavior.

How it Works:

Feedback APP

- 360-degree feedback from your peers
- Give and receive real-time, authentic feedback
- Use in small teams or company wide
- Track and measure your performance over time

Phase 1: Investment

Week 1

Resiliency Worksheet 1

Week 2

Resiliency Worksheet 2

Week 3

Add Group Feedback

Week 4

Checkpoint 1

Phase 2: 1st Signals of Success

Week 5

Group 1 Presentation

Week 6

Group 2 Presentation

Week 7

Group 3 Presentation

Week 8

Group 4 Presentation

Phase 3: ROI Period

Week 9

Group 1 Presentation: V2

Week 10

Group 2 Presentation: V2

Week 11

Group 3 Presentation: V3

Week 12

Group 4 Presentation: V4

Week 13

Checkpoint 2

Week 14+ (Ongoing): Optional continuation after formal program ends.