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Perks at Work

A perks platform offering over 30,000 unique discounts, and the ability to integrate a suite of tools designed to improve workplace culture.

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Why Perks at Work?

Ease of Use
Perks at Work is designed for desktop and mobile browsers. Access the program at home or on-the-go.

Installable Perks
Perks at Work includes over 100 perks ready for immediate installation.

Less Email
Automated Updates, Comments, Questions, and Message Boards reduce admin emails.

Highlight Your Unique Perks
Highlight all you offer to your employees in a single, easy to access a place.

Retention and Growth
Perks At Work helps increase employee engagement through personalized accounts based on what matters most to them.

Rewards and Recognition
Use the platform to celebrate employee achievements. The recognition module makes it seamless to reward contribution.


Perk Management Technology
Organize, manage, and analyze your perks and employee programs from one platform.

Apps Designed to Engage
Use our suite of culture apps to improve your workplace culture and development.

Employee Savings Platform
Make it possible for your employees to enjoy greater online savings.

Who Uses Perks at Work?

70% of the Fortune 1000 use Perks at Work

For Merchants

Merchants who qualify can offer exclusive perks (discounts on products or services) to over 100,000 corporate networks, reaching 70 million members.

Through Perks at Work, merchant perks are hosted within the same platform as perks offered by companies worldwide.

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