Our History

June 1, 1994
Collegiate Web

Charlie started Next Jump from his college dorm room in 1994, as a print coupon book: The Collegiate Web. He went to school on financial aid and did not intend to start his own company; the coupon book was a means of funding his long-distance relationship with his high school sweetheart.

September 30, 1994
Next Jump University

When we first hired interns, Charlie went out of his way to mentor and coach them despite our overall lack of resources.

April 12, 1997
Click At Work

We launched our first products aimed at corporate HR departments in 1998. ClickatWork was a combination of playbill-sized guidebooks and websites aimed at corporate employees.

January 1, 1999
First Investment

First investment round which led to $45M raised from 100 angels.

(half dozen billionaires, No VCs, No PE)

January 1, 1999
Outlet Town

This was our first e-commerce platform where small businesses could add themselves; we became a hub for new and developing merchants to showcase their products. This laid the foundations for our ONECart technology.

MV21 Leadership Offsite

Stands for “Martha’s Vineyard 21” and the property donated by one of our investors for years of leadership offsites which slept 21 people and was namesake of the peer-nominated leadership group for the company for the year.

January 1, 2001
Corporate Perks

Click at Work becomes Corporate Perks.

April 17, 2002
Dot Com Bust

By the time of the first dot-com bubble, we had grown to 150 employees in 5 offices (Boston, New York, Washington, Chicago, and San Francisco). We survived the dot-com bust by shrinking down to 4 employees before building the business back up.

Healthy Breakfast

Started providing free healthy breakfast for employees. As breakfast is the most skipped meal, the intent was to make the healthiest choice the easiest choice by providing on-site.

April 19, 2002
Acquired Abilizer

Next Jump acquired its largest competitor: Abilizer, the #1 provider of employee discount programs.

Super Saturday

Search criteria adopted from Amazon/Google. "Stunningly brilliant", "Highly Driven".

April 17, 2006
7 Core Values

Full Engagement. Exceeding Expectations. Consistent Execution. Active Learning. Trust. Collaboration. Tenacity.

April 17, 2007
Code for a Cause

We completed our first Code for a Cause project, partnering with the non-profit Angelwish.org to help build them a website and blog.

Culture Tour

Next Jump has run open-book to employees financially since 2002. In 2007, we began opening our doors culturally to other organizations. Culture tours led to questions on what programs to implement and show. 


A weekly recognition ritual held at 5pm every Friday with food, drinks, and fun activities. Coronitas provides an opportunity for Next Jumpers to thank the people that helped them success that week. 

Internal HR Apps (10x and Top 10)

Employees began developing internal apps to support our culture an solve issues within the company. 

  • 10x: Inspired by the show "X-Factor" the 10x program starts as a competition, crowd sourcing feedback via SMS voting and features a panel of experienced judges.
  • Top 10: Employee of the Month style recognition starts highlighting MaVP's and top performers. 
On-Site Gym

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April 17, 2008
Brilliant Jerks

After increasing our hiring for software engineers, we ended up realizing we had hired a bunch of “brilliant jerks.” Overnight, we ended up firing 50% of our engineers.

April 17, 2008
Hire for Humility

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April 19, 2008

We introduced a loyalty currency, WOWPoints, into our employee perks program.

April 19, 2009
ONECart Technology

We introduced ONECart Technology to our Employee Perks Program. ONECart allows our users to make purchases from multiple retailers, all at the same time, directly from us. The orders placed at checkout are sent directly to the individual retailers, saving people the trouble of having to place multiple orders on multiple websites.

April 19, 2010
Leadership Training

We introduced Human Capital Engineering (HCE) programs as a way for Next Jumpers to upgrade their leadership development.

April 20, 2010
Crowd Source Recognition
April 20, 2010
Top Tech Recruiter

Next Jump became top recruiter in tech; turnover skyrockets.

Talking Partners (TP's)

Talking Partner's is a co-mentoring program designed to help employees increase their awareness and improve judgement. Your Talking Partner acts as a second screen when making important decisions. 

April 20, 2011

Silicon Alley 500 (SA500).  We open-sourced our recruiting IP to help build our local tech community, bringing together 50 of the best East Coast-founded technology companies to meet 500 pre-vetted engineering students on the New York Stock Exchange floor as a part of NxJ Cares-- whenever one has a unique opportunity to share a skillset that others need, it presents a chance to give back. 

  • "It was easily the best recruiting program that we've ever been a part of. Not only is that great for all the companies like ours that attended… it's also great for NYC. The more we can get people to think about New York as a destination for technology, the better we'll all do. Rising tides lift all boats..."
    - Irving Fain, CEO & Co-Founder (CrowdTwist)
  • "I think requiring CTO/VP-engineering leaders was the most critical part of this event. KAYAK met with just over 100 qualified engineers, and several told me that they went to SA500 due to the unique opportunity to meet with company founders etc."
    - Paul English, CTO & Co-Founder (KAYAK)


  • "SA500 was far and away the best recruiting event I've been to. Not only was the quality of the candidates extremely high, but it was great to meet all the other founders and executives."
    - Brendan Schwartz, Co-Founder (Wistia)

50/50 Revenue Culture

Began measuring performance equally between revenue and culture contributions.

The Ship

(need content)

Gamification of Fitness

Changing Employee Behavior Without Force—our journey to get over 75% of our employees to work out 2x per week minimum

February 2, 2012
Dance Battle

Our holiday party at Next Jump is held once a year in February, and we bring together all employees from four offices for the event. It’s an amazing perk of being a Next Jumper, one that truly connects us. The highlight of the evening is the Dance Battle, in which each of our four offices performs three choreographed routines in front of external judges to compete for the best dance crew of Next Jump, and the coveted trophy. We don’t hire dancers at Next Jump. From engineers to customer service reps, we all dance.

What started as a casual dance battle turned into a fierce yearly competition as we discovered the dance battle was also a great practice ground for leadership development. It has been said in only halfway jest that Next Jumpers take nothing more seriously than the dance competition.


April 17, 2012

We introduced our first ever “Avengers Award,” the highest honor given at Next Jump. This award recognizes the Next Jumper who most exemplifies steward leadership and honors our mothers, who taught us to help others.

First Avengers Ceremony:  

At our Avengers Ceremony in 2018, Steve Schaick, Deputy Chief of Chaplains at the Air Force, gives a powerful talk on the importance of caring for the caregiver

2019 Highlights:  

April 17, 2012
Organic Leadership

Meghan Messenger, currently our co-CEO, considered working part-time as she and Charlie were managing all of our revenue and culture initiatives. We doubled down on our leadership development programs including Talking Partners, Situational Workshops, and the FLO Model as ways to create organic leadership across the entire company.

April 20, 2012
Our Why – 2011

We worked with Simon Sinek to better articulate this culture we have developed and strengthened the articulation of our WHY, Better ME + Better YOU = Better US

April 20, 2012

In 2011, we launched OO.com as the first product from our partnership with LivingSocial. Every time you shopped, customers had the choice to donate reward points to support a cause of their choice.

April 20, 2012
No Firing Policy

Aside from increasing our hiring standards, this was a signal of intent for employees to show that you can expose vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and faults without the fear of losing your job.

Read this Charlie HR interview with London MDs Kevin McCoy and Tarun Gidoomal: https://magazine.charliehr.com/next-jump-ddo/

February 24, 2014
CEO Talks: De Srikumar Rao

Dr. Srikumar Rao, a celebrated coach/mentor/teacher who has taught his course “Creativity and Personal Mastery” at top business schools, as well as for many top executives globally, spoke at our offices. He is the author of several best seller books and also a popular TedTalker. Many of Dr. Rao’s past students & mentees have said that his course changed their lives and we were very excited to have him speak at our offices.

April 17, 2014
Next Jump Leadership Academy

We began hosting regular Next Jump Leadership Academy workshops, bringing in Heads of Talent Development and Culture to observe, learn, and participate in our culture.

Ignitor of the Year


Office of the Secretary of Defense, Senior Advisor for Military Professionalism. Office created to improve culture and professionalism within the DoD identified Next Jump as best-in-class in leader development in practice.

May 19, 2014
Simon Sinek TedTalk

We are mentioned in Simon Sinek’s TedTalk on ‘Why good leaders make you feel safe’ – we are a great example of a company that creates trust and safety in order for employees to experiment without fear. He uses us as an example of how companies should run and the environments they’ve built, talking about our no-firing/ lifetime employment policy.

John Hopkins Healthy Workplace Award

Next Jump was chosen and awarded as 1 of the 9 healthiest workplaces in US.

Click HERE to view the article.


After the no firing policy, no one would ull the trigger on hiring. There was too much pressure to hire perfectly and we needed another gate. Personal Leadership Bootcamp (PBL) was created to give our team the ability to make a mistake in hiring and still have success long-term.

Future of Work

(need content)

Lying, Hiding, Faking (LHF)

One of the first talks where Meghan explains the term she coined describing what came known as the “2nd job” in organizations.

OS For Culture App Store

Biz 2: Leadership Academies led to the request to release our HR apps externally. 

Leadership 10x

Shifted the focus of the 10x program to start to include character and leadership development. Employees began presenting on their backhand and practice grounds for personal growth.



A hierarchy of needs framework adopted from Dr. Jim Loehr of the Human Performance Institute on how to set up high-performance environments. It starts with a foundation in the Physical, and builds into Emotional (judgement/decision making), Mental (skill training), & Spiritual (giving back or purpose) in that order. 

Yoga Nidra

After a sleep survey which found that our top leaders were getting inconsistent sleep, we started a daily session of Yoga Nidra to help employees recover. Sleep Class is a 30-minute guided meditation which helps the body rest as much as a 2-hour nap.

April 17, 2015

The New York Office launched its Adopt-a-School Program, adopting PS-119 in the Bronx.

April 20, 2015
Perks At Work

In 2015, we invested millions of dollars in our biggest technology upgrade in company history, transitioning our e-commerce platform from corporateperks.com to perksatwork.com. The platform goes above discounts to include all technologies to help run company culture.

March 22, 2016
An Everyone Culture: DDO book

Next Jump was recognized by Harvard Professors Dr Lisa Laskow and Robert Kegan in the book ‘An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization’ and by the organization, Way to Grow, as a Deliberately Developmental Organization. A Deliberately Developmental Organization (a DDO) is an organization – large or small, private or public, for-profit or not – with a culture explicitly designed to advance the mutual flourishing of the organization and its people. Next Jump was one of three organizations globally recognized for this honor.

April 1, 2016
Perks at Work Launched

We upgraded and launched our most powerful e-commerce platform globally: Perks at Work. We are the largest employee benefits provider in the US and make over $2bil in sales annually.

April 20, 2016
OS For Culture

We released our first 5 apps to the Apple App and Google Play store available to our clients. These are the first of over 50 culture apps developed internally to help run our company culture better.

Kids Club

We are building a culture to support and help working parents succeed both at work and at home. We started with a kid-friendly physical space in the office and grew into a Summer Camp and after school program with world-class instructors.

Work as the New Community Center
NxJ Summer Camp:

We are excited to launch the first NxJ Summer Camp as part of our Work 3.0 Community Center vision & strategic investment in NxJ Families and raising children. Leveraging experts in the field incorporating aspects of physical, emotional, mental & spiritual (PEMS) to create a world class camp and solve the common challenges of raising children today.

After School Program: 

We are excited to announce the launch of our five day afterschool program as part of our strategic investment in Next Jump families, and raising children. As a learning organization, the Next Jump little jumpers after school program will aim to both build on the learnings from our summer camp program, as well as incorporate strategies from some of the education, industries, leading researchers. 

The structure of the program consist of both physical activity and academies; through the program we have also strategically layered in social behavior training: grit/resilience/growth/mindset - top character traits we’ve identified, through our research, that will lead to success.


Charlie Kim:

Meghan Messenger: 

April 20, 2017
People Org Chart

The People Org Chart ensures that every NxJer has a coach who is responsible for their growth, which includes setting up their environment with training, feedback loops, and coaching.

April 20, 2017
Developmental Gym

We set up an environment to help people grow – training, feedback loops and coaching, and baked it into our culture. This allows for faster learning and leads to more agile teams.

Moneyball Of Leadership

Charlie and Meghan, Next Jump Co-CEOs, were invited to speak at the CIA. They took their “Level 5 Leaders” and shared their insights on leadership development, strategy, and decision making. Invited to the session were 70 of the most senior talent in the agency across all divisions.

The Hero’s Journey

Co-CEO Speech at dinner from our Summer Outing, our annual employee, friends & family event—one of the two times a year we bring all our employees to celebrate together.

2018 Highlights

Adopt a School— Netley Robotics Competition

For the past few months, Next Jumpers have been teaching bright young minds at Netley Primary School how to code, using Lego Mindstorm robots. It’s been an amazing journey watching our young friends grow and learn, helping each other to control the robots and direct them in a variety of tasks. They began with no experience, but quickly picked up on learning how to make the robots do just what they wanted, using motion and colour sensors to command where the machines went and how they responded.

TP Avengers

For the first time, recognized a TP pair as the top servant leaders in the company - recognizing and elevating the value of the team and partnership.

People Analytics

Starting to put sophisticated measurements to feedback & expectations. The numbers show that setting high standards and expectations (growth mindset) lets people upgrade and achieve their potential.

501c: edu.nextjump

Founded Next Jump's education foundation to fund grants, research and public schools.

On My Mind App

The On My Mind app is a coaching tool that allows you to share what is on your mind with your coaches, your peers, and your mentees. Reflecting on your decisions and understanding the emotions associated with them are key to becoming a stronger decision-maker.

First Commercial Client: US Navy

Next Jump’s Leadership Development & Decision-Making Training

Next Jump’s 25-Year Anniversary

Flagship Lease Signed
Co-CEO’s Journeys

Charlie Kim: 

Meghan Messenger:


NxJ Ventures

Founded the Venture Capital arm of Next Jump

Two Goals:

  1. Invest our money, but more importantly our expertise, to help start-ups scale. *Our superpower as investors is our ability to help founders run their companies better.
  2. Create outstanding returns for our employees. The stock from NxJ Ventures will be entirely owned by our employees.
Raising Kids
COA: Community Online Academy

So much of our lives have been disrupted. For the fortunate ones of us that have our job and can be at home, we have new challenges of balancing work, kids, life all in close quarters – all while having fear of staying healthy and for loved ones.

Leadership in Practice

Started offering free weekly leadership classes open to the public. Have now taught more than 175 hours all available on video.

RSVP Here.

Pre-Resiliency Training

Curriculum forming for our first Leadership Development & Decision Making Training (LDDMT) Module 1—originally called “Pre-Resiliency Training or PRT”


Developmental GPS (DevGPS) provides a rapid assessment of five key decision-making skills. Layer perspective from self, peer, and coach to identify gaps in awareness.

  • Q1: Future Outlook
  • Q2: Measuring Progress
  • Q3: Discipline in the Hard Stuff
  • Q4: Speed & Boldness
  • Q5: Truth (“No Lying Hiding Faking”)
Move-In Flagship / Partners Program
  • NYC | Boston | London
  • Instead of returning to office, we created a new leadership tier called Partners, accepting employee applications based on who was the most coachable and made it a privilege to come into the office.


Future of Work/ Flagship Design

Social Capitalist

What is the Social Capitalist?

Hired Chef Dani Chavez-Bello

Michelin-starred Chef Dani Chavez-Bello joined Next Jump as a Senior Partner to advance the mind-body connection of human performance. Chef Dani has worked across different continents, starting his culinary journey in Barcelona then San Sebastian, Paris, Hamburg, Tokyo, and New York. He’s worked in some of the top restaurants in the world as El Bulli, Berasategui, Maison Darroze, Mugaritz, and Bouley. Always looking for culinary excellence, today his mission is gut health and how food contributes to improving human performance. He is focused on fermented food and its ability to maintain or rebuild our microbiome.

Cross-Domain Coaching

Cross-Domain Coaching (DCD) refers to the idea that awareness and skills transfer are easier to observe and accept in an area outside of your area of core expertise. Under stimulated stress, individuals will see their default tendencies emerge. The goal is to help participants become more aware of their thought patterns and behaviors both individually and as a team. Curriculum with Cross-Fit & Basketball (Truth Reps)

Test Kitchen

Human Performance Hackathon

In partnership with Cornell University, we hosted hundreds of students and young professionals

Decision Readiness Score™

Similar to a credit score that quantifies good financial behavior, the DRS quantifies good behaviors that lead to better team decision-making. The DRS results help identify the highest ROI training for individuals and teams. Do they need to work on unlearning bad mental habits (Modules 1-3) or learning new skills of decision-making (Modules 4-6)?

“Core 4” Signals of Long-Term Performance | Human Performance Metrics

1. SELF AWARENESS: High performers generally exhibit strong self and situational awareness. Our data reveals a strong negative correlation; individuals with low awareness tend to be the weakest decision-makers within a team. 

2. EVERYONE SPEAKS UP: Teams where “silence” is not tolerated tend to perform consistently better – vs teams where some members do not consistently speak-up. In these teams voicing your POV is a responsibility. The process to increase team candor includes two skills: [1] dial-down behaviors that inhibit criticism + [2] dial-up consistent feedback.

3. TEAM EXPECTATIONS: We've found that performance is a team effort rather than a solo endeavor. High performers are not only self-motivated but are also held to high standards by those around them. The saying "you are the sum of the people you work closely with" holds true, and we see this in the data.

4. PEER SHARPENING: We have found a close correlation between consistently exposing your work for critique & risk taking. High performance, especially in uncertain and ambiguous situations, necessitates taking risks. To counteract our natural fear of failure, it is crucial to become comfortable with the oscillation between receiving negative feedback (struggle) and positive feedback (success). This cycle is often what sets successful individuals and teams apart from those that avoid failure, thereby negate the opportunity for success.

March 2023
Train the Trainers

Weekly situational workshops run by the top-rated and most experienced Leadership coaches to work through live situations plus peer support from other coaches with active LDDMT groups.

Test Kitchen & Chef Coalition

Chef Dani assembled ‘The Chef Coalition’- a team of 15+ Michelin level chefs, coming together on the First Thursday of every month at Next Jump, NYC during Test Kitchen Thursdays. Better Me—they will focus on how to improve their skills in cooking, leadership, customer service, etc, and learn from each other. Better You—they will also focus on how to make a greater impact as a team—teen mental health, food scarcity, food as medicine, mentoring up-and-coming chefs, and more.

J-Term | School Curriculum

After pioneering a successful 2-week session for 80 middle schoolers from “Avenues The World School”—Chef Dani collaborated with Curtis Murungi (PhD from Stanford specialist building curriculums ) to help put together a pro bono learning curriculum geared towards food, nutrition, and mental health for youth. Topics include Food for Sports and Energy, Acne and Skin Health, Food & Mood, and more. Our goal is to reach 1,000 schools.

Big Problems Event

Hosted an event to discuss “not easy to solve issues” happening within the world and workplace with hundreds of leaders across the industry. Facing problems alone as individuals, alone as companies makes the pain worse with isolation and common mistakes and lessons not shared. Our goal is to build a community of leaders, helping each other. Topics included, what to do with all this office space, mental health, remote and WFH/isolation, AI in the workplace, How to fix education, Human Health: exercise and food, and more…

Leadership Coalition

The start of a 3-month BETA experiment of building leadership coalitions (pairing a team of companies together, training together, and mentoring the top leaders under the CEO)...the purpose is to accelerate and generate innovation within a company that is hard to do solo as a company. Next Jump | Prototype Training | MOAA

AI Self-Coaching Tools | Feedback

Incorporation of AI technology to help coach via technology elements like improving feedback quality which uses a large language model (LLM) to evaluate each piece of feedback. Measured per person per team.