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Vendor Appreciation Day
May 18, 2016 | Yearly

Vendor Appreciation Day is a holiday tradition through which Next Jump employees across all four offices give gifts to the children of our vendors, saying thanks to everyone who keeps our four offices running by buying holiday presents for their loved ones. Over the years, Next Jump has developed an amazing relationship with vendors, all of whom have showed their love and care in servicing us.

They do everything possible to serve us the best – whether it be in cleaning the office, delivering packages, or helping us with any repairs. We use Vendor Appreciation Day to show our gratitude to them in return. During this time we meticulously research our vendors’ families and purchase the top presents designed for their kids. We then wrap the presents, so the parents can give them on Christmas. We know how busy Christmas can be, and love being able to solve this problem for the people that look after us!