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May 17, 2016 | Quarterly

FitNut (Fitness & Nutrition) is Next Jump’s in house health & wellness program created to help employees understand their own health. As part of our program, Next Jump offers bi-annual onsite blood screenings and flu vaccinations to all employees as well as their family and friends. We saw that health assessments and immunizations were being de-prioritized by employees, and wanted to make it easier for them to be taken care of. Flu shots were our first investment and from there the program has grown. Employees brought friends, family, and nannies to the event and Next Jump covered all costs and expenses.

By opening it up to more than just employees, we found it was a small way for employees to give back to their loved ones and look after them the way Next Jump was looking after all employees. In early 2015, senior leadership of Next Jump visited with Dr. Jim Loehr at the HPI Institute in Florida where they had a biometric screening administered as part of the training. When they received their results, our CEO – Charlie Kim – was floored; his triglyceride levels were through the roof, despite the fact that he exercised actively and believed he ate healthily.

This led to the realization that employees in a corporate environment need a second-screen to ensure that they are taking the necessary steps to stay healthy – in terms of their nutrition, fitness, personal care and prevention. We introduced biometric testing for all Next Jump employees as well as friends and family because when a new employee joins Next Jump, they are joining our family and we know how important their loved ones health plays a role in their everyday life.