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First Fridays
May 17, 2016 | Offered Monthly

First Fridays is a platform for Next Jumpers and guests to learn from thought leaders and experts on a diverse range of topics. Our goal is to create a way for us all to continue learning as well as set up an avenue for individuals to give back to the community. Sessions dive deep into one topic providing attendees with information to help them get started or hone their skills in a particular area. We believe that Next Jumpers can learn in two very distinct ways: theory and practical application.

We set up First Fridays to be once a month as the theory/classroom learning should only contribute 5-10% of your overall learning and practical application should represent 80-90%. Sessions are taught by industry experts as well as by Next Jumpers who know a topic “in their bones” and use First Fridays as a platform to give back to their peers.