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Adopt a School
May 17, 2016 | Weekly

In May of 2015, Next Jump announced the launch of its Adopt-A-Public-School program. Through this program, Next Jump will partner with public schools to build long lasting relationships that serve and support students, teachers, and parents. The program is part of Next Jump’s broader Better You giving back platform, and joins other successfully established programs such as Adopt-A-Nonprofit and Code for a Cause. We want to build a company where you become a better person as result of working here. However, our more audacious goal is to change the world by changing corporate culture.

We want to start a movement. If more employees felt fulfilled in their life, imagine what that would lead to. Similarly, if every corporation adopted a school in the US, 100,000 schools could be adopted. How can all of us, do the little things that help others do great things in their life? When you ask Next Jumpers why they work here, you’ll often hear: “because Next Jump cares about me”. As Next Jumpers let their cup spill onto others you’ll hear: “I’m a better person as a result of working here”. On July 27th, 2015, we announced the formal decision to adopt PS 119 in the Bronx. A title 1 school where 75% of students live below the poverty line. Starting in New York, we will soon look to expand this initiative to our Boston, UK and San Francisco offices.

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