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May 18, 2016 | Monthly

10X is a unique opportunity for Next Jumpers to reflect on their personal and professional development and share with the entire company 2x a year. 10X Factor started as a way to showcase that “something extra” engineers and business people brought to their work on a daily basis. Overtime, the program has evolved from a showcasing of raw talent and tangible results to a reflection on an employee’s personal growth development.

Through the 10X program, we are looking to help employees identify their “backhands”; or more commonly understood as an area of weakness they may not be aware of. What we have found over time is a concept of “you is you”, meaning, the mistakes and challenges in work, are closely aligned to the challenges and weaknesses in your personal life. 10X affords employees the unique opportunity to share their journey with the company and receive on the spot coaching to understand if they are moving in the right direction to find a sense of balance where they are actively working to improve their backhand.