Next Jump Co-CEO Update: December 2016

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January 13, 2017

Our Co-CEOs, Meghan Messenger and Charlie Kim, write a monthly newsletter to our staff, family, and friends of Next Jump. Here’s the update from December/early January, shared on January 13, 2017


NxJumpers + Family & Friends,

Much has happened in the month of December and January 2017 already feels like 2 months into the year. So here is our attempt to share some of the key highlights with our family & friends.

First off – have to share something so big and exciting – we’ve just agreed to build a leadership development program to train and influence all 660K men and women in the Air Force, in partnership with Joe Rizzuto [aka: Spoon], the head of PACE. The Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE) was established by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force on 2 Feb 2015, developing a program “Enhancing Human Capital – leading yourself”, where over 60K leaders have been trained in the last 2 years. We are creating an AVENGERS team (ala Avengers Assemble) of the most elite people in this field of leadership – for example Simon Sinek, Jim Loehr level (already onboard) – who will be partnering with us to train the top 100 leaders within the Air Force. We offered all this pro bono to Joe (“Spoon”) who was jumping out of his seat in disbelief. Stay tuned…much more to come in our January update (we want to start as of yesterday).

Secondly – send us your referrals for future NxJumpers, encourage them to apply for our Feb. 4 Super Saturday at

On Feb. 4, Next Jump will hold its first Lateral Super Saturday hiring event. Unlike our typical college Super Saturdays, this event will focus on experienced candidates from a variety of different fields and backgrounds – only 1 of 2 entry points into the company within the year. We are looking for the best. We want people of the highest character who are driven to get stronger and better (Better Me) so that they can do work that matters, helping make a difference to others who have less (Better You) which ultimately will lead to a better world (Better Us).


  • Growing in a Balanced Way
  • Both confident and humble
  • Both courageous and vulnerable
  • Both kind and disciplined.
  • Contribute to revenue and giving back
  • Eager to teach and share lessons in our Leadership Academies helping Navy, Marines, Army, public schools and more
  • Passionate about volunteering monthly at public schools
  • Willing to dance, compete and win

Help us find Next Jumpers, encourage them to apply for the Feb. 4 Super Saturday at

Feel free to have them ping us directly so that we can make sure their application gets reviewed.


We started Next Jump in 1994. We are nearing 23 years in business and the most difficult question we have struggled to answer is: “What do you do?” We’ve worked to simplify all the things we are doing and this diagram has helped us best explain the 2 sides of What

OUR SOCIAL MOVEMENT to change workplace culture – IT’S SPREADING :

Every non-profit we’ve met, every individual we’ve met…basically anyone who is trying to change the world, make it better, at some point they are spending a disproportionate amount of time trying to fundraise, beg for resources, technology – trying to get help. When we thought about WHO they are soliciting for all this capital, people and technology, it always comes down to for-profit businesses. So we put on our business hat and quickly realized, you cannot fix the world without changing how we work and without changing the role for-profit businesses must play.

We talk about WHY we exist: “To do the little things, so that others can do the great things they’re meant to do” which we shortened to: “Better Me + Better You = Better Us”. We grow ourselves (better me) for the purpose of helping others (better you), so that we can make a better world (better us). This is a universal truth for both individuals and teams (companies being the most powerful organization of people/teams). It’s exciting to see adoption from so many different kinds of organizations:

PUBLIC SCHOOLS – PS119 in the Bronx + Netley Primary School in the UK (which includes a center for children with autism)

Bavaani (head of Netley) said Netley has changed its school statement to align with Better Me + Better You – it’s now ‘Everyone takes steps to better themselves and their community, as they become responsible, global citizens’. Really cool!

Side note: Many of the kids have indicated that they want to be coders when they get older. [they love the coding programs NxJumpers built in the after school programs]

Picture below from PS119 – 3rd grade girls created a club called “Girls United”, their slogan is…


CONGRESS – this is a poster in the republican congress inspired by Next Jump and they have asked for our help in training leaders and upgrading government and their culture/ environment.


U.S. NAVY – the most expensive Navy ship built to date is developing their entire culture around leadership practices adopted from Next Jump.



They are only the second outsiders to visit and board this ship. They’ve had so many requests across the entire DoD, they’ve made a rule to say “no”, however bent every rule to accommodate our team.

An email note from NxJumper after visiting the ship:

Thank you for the incredible opportunity to join you on the USS Michael Monsoor visit. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’m still  blown away that they invited us on board and gave us the rare access they did, opening their doors wide. What an extraordinary privilege it was. At times it felt surreal, like I was in a movie , seeing the insane bad-ass-ness of that ship. It gave me a whole new level of gratitude for the deep partnership we have with them, of the critical, real life, high stakes need to build high performing cultures and to share it with others . It’s mindblowing and humbling — our lives, the safety of the country and peace in the world is at stake here. And we, Next Jump, are literally contributing to help make ours a better, safer, more peaceful world.

The visit to the USS Michael Monsoor made our mission of changing the world through work place culture real.



Meghan and I took the stage, sharing our personal journeys and what drives us to do what we do. The challenge Meghan gave the group was to practice being Authentic – to talk about the real challenges, no matter how messy and difficult it may be. On the topic of working mothers, because the real issues are not being discussed, as a result, companies are solving for the wrong problems. Her quote, “Companies aren’t setup to help working mothers, however if you want to compete for talent, you need mothers.”



On a lighter note, Greg and I were invited as guests of Pawan, the chairman of Hero Motor Corp and spent a few days meeting the top 18 golfers of the world while also helping leaders transform their “Mandated Leadership Cultures” to “Organic Leadership Cultures”



As the year came to a close, the kids held a party for the men and women in orange (NxJumpers) with cakes, songs and lots of jokes. The highlight was seeing them developing a school newspaper called: “The Next Jump”



The UK office ran a two-day leadership academy for 15 leaders from 12 different organizations in both public, private and government. Reactions from the attendees:

  • 2 words we are hearing the most are vulnerability & authenticity. Everyone’s been sharing personal stories and I think the group has been surprised (even many of whom have read the book, been on culture tours etc), of just how much we mean it and put it into action.
  • My favourite comments from the reflection at the end were Hanne (former CEO) telling us this is the culture she wished she had been able to create and from Nicky (Happy Ltd), that we are now her Number 1 case study for how companies should be run. In the OS for Culture session we had to cut the questions short because there were so many, and 90% of the questions were around how to scale and implement the apps. 

One of the attendees, an HR consultant, wrote a blog post on his top 12 takeaways from the Next Jump Leadership Academy. “I’m incredibly jealous and hugely inspired – Next Jump has managed to create something that I’ve been dreaming about for years, but never been able to achieve fully.”


Each office holds an annual family holiday brunch in December. The official Next Jump holiday party occurs end of February. As odd as that sounds, we realized we can spend the same budget in Feb and get 2x as much – without the distraction during our busiest season. Stay tuned for the dance battle, trash talking videos as NYC Next Jump works to defend our title.

Loved this picture from the Boston Next Jump office:



5% of us is based on INTENSITY, our willpower. 95% of us is based on CONSISTENCY, our rituals and habits. The only way to truly upgrade ourselves, is to upgrade our habits, our 95%.

Building habits is like building muscle. The ones we practice…grow and when we don’t, they atrophy. We’ve found the most foundational habits to practice are:

1/ REFLECTION – if you could do “that” again, how would you do it better/ differently? Improper reflection is what leads to our broken mental models, or commonly known as “baggage” vs when reflecting correctly, they become lessons learned and we become empowered. [our PAST]

2/ FULL ENGAGEMENT – awareness of my real-time decision making. So often we live life on auto pilot and feel victim to our circumstances. The day we realize we are presented with dozens if not hundreds of micro decisions and our ability to be aware and navigate through our options and choices in real-time is what leads to full engagement. [our PRESENT & FUTURE]

We can get stronger in both REFLECTION and FULL ENGAGEMENT. They are both skills that can be developed by practicing them 1-2x per week minimum for 13 weeks.

Our goal is to produce this monthly Co-CEO Update…please share and forward to your family & friends. Any reactions/feedback – would love to hear from you.