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April 28, 2017

Quickfires are an opportunity to access the CEO and executives in the company. We use Quickfires as both a form of recognition and way to informate. Winners of our monthly Top 10 Award (peer-nominated process) are invited.


How it Works

Individuals come prepared with questions and the CEO answers in 3 minutes. The intent is for employees to bring questions / what’s on their mind.

When we started the program, the CEO’s response fell into one of three possible buckets:

  1. I know the answer + here is more detail…
  2. I know the answer, but can’t share
  3. I don’t know, I’ll get back to you

As the program evolved, questions are now focused on situational coaching. However in getting started, it was helpful to begin with this structure.



  • Schedule for 1.5 hours on a monthly basis
  • Ask individuals to come prepared with 3-4 questions.
  • Go around the room in order. Pick a starting point and ask the first person to ask their question.
  • The CEO responds in 3 minutes, and then moves on to the person right next to them.
  • We typically have time to go around the room twice, each attendee asking 2 questions
  • Example Calendar Invite:Congratulations, September Top 10!Please come prepared with 3-4 questions you’d like Charlie & Meghan to address. The type of question you ask is at your discretion, but we strongly encourage you to come with a question around a current struggle or challenge you are facing.  In the past people have used this opportunity to ask “I’m curious about.” questions, but recently more and more NxJumpers have used this as a chance to get advice and a different point of view on their situation.As part of Top 10 you are also able to share a CEO Spotlight. The purpose of the CEO Spotlight is to let Charlie & Meghan know about someone who is doing something interesting on culture or revenue that you think he should know about.  Admissions are strongly encouraged!  Please email Charlie and Meghan with the subject line CEOSpotlight.

How Things Fail

  •  Questions around personal curiosity (i.e. what is your favorite food, what super hero would you be?)
  • Too long of responses by leadership, feels drawn out
  • When attendees are strictly chosen by management
  • Open-ended format with no structure (“who has a question?”)


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