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This is a weekly class for Leaders who ‘in practice’ spend majority of their time having to lead meetings, coach bottom/top/middle performers and much more.
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Most of us have had little to no formal training/ rarely given any instruction in what takes 80-90% of our time. WFH (work from home), distributed workforces, who now have to manage dual spouses WFH, homeschooling children, while worrying about everyone’s health and safety…magnifies the leadership challenges and makes the job 10x harder.

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Founder & Co-CEO



Charlie Kim

Founder & Co-CEO

Charlie Kim is the Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Next Jump. Charlie founded Next Jump in 1994 in his college dorm room. Grew the business to 150 employees in the first dot-com boom, soon to be followed by the dot-com bust, bringing the Company down to 4 employees before building back up to 200 NxJumpers. Charlie is rated as a top mentor and coach in several industries including: U.S. military, professional sports, education, nonprofits, startups and F1000 executives. Next Jump has been recognized by McKinsey as well as Harvard & Cornell for its culture of high performance and coaching techniques for both individuals and team leaders.

Meghan Messenger


Meghan Messenger serves as Co-Founder & Chief of Staff at Next Jump, Inc. (NxJ). Meghan started as a local sales intern for Next Jump in 1998 and helped grow the business though the first dot-com bubble to over 150 employees. A few years later, Next Jump survived the dot-com bust however shrunk down to just 4 employees in January of 2002. Meghan was part of the 4-person surviving team, becoming one of the founders of the restructured Next Jump. She also helped build Next Jump’s senior management team, as well as recruit and train some of the best engineers in the country, building the Company back up to 200 employees. She resides in New York City with her husband Mark and her two sons Matthew and Brendan.