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Our programs are all about easing the pressures and challenges of leadership. When leaders perform at their peak, that flows down through the entire organisation – because confident leaders create productive teams.

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Purpose & Performance

Our peers are often the source of our most valuable feedback, but we rarely get candid, critical feedback from peers. It’s difficult to tell peers “hard truths” as it requires an investment of social capital to do so. In addition, we each have behaviors that shut down peers from telling us the truth.

The desired outcome of Pre-Resiliency Training is to develop an awareness of our behavior that prevents others from giving us the TRUTH, followed by practice on DIALING DOWN this behavior.

Senior Management

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Middle Management

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Teams / Leads

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Five ways we will help you grow

  • Feel empowered to share truth

    Within your team, build up trust and a safe zone to share truth and candid feedback.

  • Enhance your team's awareness

    Boost your ability to absorb feedback and utilize them in growing you.

  • Challenge preconceptions and biases

    Boost your ability to absorb feedback and utilize them in growing you.

  • Make confident deciisions

    Train yourself to process information at a rapid pace. Learn to not get frozen when information and unexpected events come at a rapid pace. Our training program helps to dial down fear, assisting you to achieve composure and effectiveness even in the face of uncertainty.

  • Prevent burnout

    Consistent ritual of small group training creates strong bonds between people, preventing isolation and burnout both in-person and remote.

How it works.

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A 5-Question Assessment

Quantify your thinking patterns, gaps in awareness and areas of balance/imbalance which directly impact your decision making. Increase accuracy by adding the input of those who know you best — peers, coaches. and family.

Future Outlook

Measures your effectiveness at establishing and inspiring others towards a goal.

Measuring Progress

Measures your effectiveness at identifying trends and maintaining perspective.


Measures your consistency and discipline in tackling difficult work.

Speed & Boldness

Measures your speed & boldness, which considers your ability to make trade-offs.


Measures how authentically you communicate with others & your ability to seek out truth.

Individual transformation


Organisational growth


Our coaching approach, as outlined in the “Blueprint for Leadership and Decision Making in an Uncertain World,” differentiates itself in several key aspects:

  1. Dual Focus on Unlearning and Learning: We emphasize the importance of both unlearning outdated behaviors and mindsets and learning new skills tailored for navigating uncertainty. This unique approach acknowledges that before new practices can be adopted, old ones must be consciously let go, a process often overlooked yet crucial for true adaptability.
  2. Real-World Application: Our programs prioritize practical experience over theoretical learning. We believe that judgment and decision-making skills are honed through real-life challenges and experiences, rather than classroom instruction alone. This hands-on approach encourages participants to engage with uncertainty directly, fostering resilience and adaptability.
  3. Emphasis on Small Teams: Our methodology leverages the power of small teams to create a diverse yet trusted learning environment. This structure facilitates candid feedback, peer learning, and the development of a collaborative mindset, all of which are essential for innovation and adaptability in today’s fast-paced world.
  4. Continuous Improvement: The concept of continuous unlearning and learning is integral to our coaching philosophy. By encouraging ongoing personal and professional development, we ensure that individuals and organizations remain agile and can adapt to new challenges and opportunities as they arise.
  5. Science-backed and Tested in the Real World: Our programs are supported by scientific research and validated through real-world application within our organization and with over 10,000 organizations we’ve assisted. This ensures that our strategies are not only theoretically sound but also effective in practice.
  6. Personal Development as R&D: We view training every person in the organization as the most important R&D investment. This perspective underlines our belief in the direct correlation between the growth of staff and innovation, positioning continuous learning and adaptability as central to organizational success.
  7. Guided Learning Journey: Our curriculum is designed to guide participants through a structured journey of unlearning and learning, with each module building on the last. This progressive approach ensures that participants develop the fundamental skills required to navigate uncertainty effectively.

By integrating these elements into our coaching methodology, we offer a differentiated approach that prepares leaders and teams not just to survive but thrive in the face of uncertainty and rapid change.

Our coaching team is composed of experienced professionals who bring a diverse range of expertise and a shared commitment to fostering adaptability and resilience in the face of uncertainty. While the specific individuals involved in our coaching programs may vary, they are selected based on a set of core criteria that ensure the highest quality of guidance and mentorship for participants:

  1. Experienced Practitioners: Our coaches are seasoned professionals who have themselves navigated complex and uncertain environments. They bring real-world experience from a variety of sectors, including business, technology, education, and organizational development.
  2. Skilled in Unlearning and Learning: Each coach is not only adept at teaching new skills but also embodies the dual process of unlearning outdated practices and embracing innovative approaches. This capability is crucial for guiding participants through the transformative journey outlined in our programs.
  3. Committed to Continuous Personal Development: Our coaches are lifelong learners who continuously seek to improve their own skills and adaptability. This personal commitment to growth ensures that they remain at the forefront of leadership and decision-making best practices.
  4. Experts in Facilitating Small Team Dynamics: Given the emphasis on the power of small teams in our approach, our coaches are skilled facilitators of group learning and collaboration. They know how to cultivate trust, candor, and a sense of shared purpose within diverse teams.
  5. Trained in Emotional Intelligence and Feedback: Our coaches possess high emotional intelligence and are adept at providing constructive feedback. They understand the importance of managing ego, navigating conflict, and fostering an environment where open-mindedness and curiosity can flourish.
  6. Champions of Science-backed Methods: While our team values practical experience, our coaches also ground their methods in the latest scientific research on human judgment, adaptability, and learning. This ensures that our programs are both effective and evidence-based.
  7. Innovators in Learning: Our coaches contribute to the continuous evolution of our curriculum by integrating new insights and approaches. Their innovative mindset ensures that our programs remain relevant and impactful.

Through the combined expertise and dedication of our coaching team, we ensure that participants in our programs receive guidance that is not only insightful and practical but also deeply transformative.

Coaching sessions are “in practice — each session aims to provide participants with practical tools, insights, and experiences that foster adaptability, resilience, and effective leadership in the face of uncertainty. Here’s what participants can typically expect in these sessions:

Safe and Supportive Environment

  • Coaches create a safe space for exploration, vulnerability, and honest reflection, where participants can openly share challenges and successes.
  • Emphasis is placed on building trust and camaraderie within small teams, facilitating peer learning and support.

Feedback and Reflection

  • Constructive feedback is a cornerstone of the coaching process, with coaches providing personalized insights and suggestions for improvement.
  • Participants are encouraged to engage in self-reflection and peer feedback, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

Integration of Theory and Practice

  • While sessions are grounded in practical, real-world applications, they also incorporate theoretical frameworks and scientific research to deepen understanding.
  • Coaches explain the rationale behind strategies and techniques, linking them to broader concepts of adaptability, leadership, and organizational dynamics.

Continuous Progress Tracking

  • Progress towards individual and team goals is monitored and discussed regularly, allowing for adjustments to the coaching strategy as needed.
  • Coaches help participants set short-term milestones and long-term objectives, ensuring a clear path for development and growth.

Focus on Unlearning and Learning

  • Sessions explicitly address the dual process of unlearning and learning, with activities and discussions designed to challenge existing mindsets and introduce new perspectives.
  • Coaches guide participants through the uncomfortable yet necessary journey of letting go of old habits and embracing new ways of thinking and acting.

Community and Network Building

  • Coaching sessions often facilitate connections among participants, building a network of like-minded individuals committed to personal and professional growth.
  • Opportunities for ongoing engagement and learning beyond the sessions are provided, fostering a vibrant community of practice.

Through this comprehensive and holistic approach, coaching sessions aim not just to impart skills but to catalyze a deep-seated transformation in how participants approach leadership, decision-making, and teamwork in uncertain environments.



Senior Leadership Offsites

3 Days | 10-40 People

Next Jump Flagship, NYC

Director/ VP/ C-Suite/ Board Level Teams



A strategic crash course designed to enhance the effectiveness of the senior leadership team & jumpstart mission focus.


2 Days | 100-400 People

Client Location

All Levels



Set context ahead of weekly training for large groups.  Participants get a preview of the module training content and kickstart their self-awareness.



13-Week Modules

10 People + Certified Leadership Coach


£8,000/13-Weeks (£800 per person)


Provides the tools to be more comfortable & effective in making decisions in uncertainty.  Break through traditional hierarchy & the status quo, increasing empowerment, truth, trust & transparency within teams

Enterprise:  Pilot groups to full organisation

• Feedback is private to your organisation

• Includes Enterprise Analytics

Individual Seats (Mixed Organisations) $750/pp

52-Week Always Be Training (ABT)

Consistent Team + Consistent Coach


£32,000 (£3,200 per person)


Accelerated, bespoke curriculum across all modules as situationally needed by each training group.

Coaches will help you work through catching up from prior sessions.  Missing more than a couple may disqualify you from graduating.

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