How You Help Us

Change the World

The revenue that Next Jump generates from its employee savings platform is used to help public schools, entrepreneurs, non-profits, the U.S. Military, and many others.

Adopt a Public School

Next Jump's First Adopted School PS119 in the Bronx, NY

Next Jump is partnering with public schools to build long-lasting relationships that serve and support students, teachers, and parents.


Students in the afterschool program


Students being mentored


Hours volunteered by Next Jumpers

Advising the United States Military

Next Jump's Security Team Meets U.S. Military

Next Jump is helping the U.S. Military by advising, mentoring, and coaching every branch of the Department of Defense: the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, and National Guard.

Helping Non-Profits

Screen Design for Aarons Presents

Code for a Cause (CFAC) pairs small expert teams of Next Jump engineers with non-profits to build much needed technical solutions over two-week periods, free of charge.

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Next Jump Sponsors and Mentors NY Founders Institute

Next Jump is hosting and sponsoring the NYC Founders Institute to help incubate and create startups every 13 weeks, out of our offices.

Next Jump Academy: Sharing our Knowledge

Companies that have attended the Next Jump Leadership Academy Include Zappos, American Heart Association, McKinsey & Company, Pfizer and Dannon

Next Jump runs a pro-bono Academy to help leaders in every industry, for-profit and non-profit, to run better companies through improved culture.

If you have questions about these programs, how we run them, or how you could adopt some of them into your own company, please let us know. We’d love to help.

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