Chef Dani's
Favorite Fermentation

Why Fermentation?

The foundation of leadership includes gut and brain health. Eating fermented foods is a simple way to help our gut. Here are Chef Dani’s favorite fermented food recipes from his Fermentation Fridays series on COA Leadership in Practice!

Fermented Carrots

A perfect first recipe for getting started with fermentation. Super simple and enormously versatile.

Fermented Red Cabbage

Packed with vitamin C and phyophenols, this 2 ingredient recipe really delivers.


A light and bubbly pineapple drink. This probiotic Mayan drink will delight guests at your next cocktail party.

Fizzy Salsa

This fizzy salsa will liven up your next party. Here, we add a fermented ingredient to work it’s magic and turn a flat salsa into something tangy and delicious.

Chef Daniel Chavez-Bello

Senior Partner

Dani Chavez-Bello “Chef Dani”, Senior Partner, chef and food expert joined Next Jump after almost a year of pro bono collaboration. His passion is divided between food and health. Dani has over 30 years of experience in the food industry and restaurant business around the world. He is focused on R&D using his expertise in fine dining and food science to build functional and healthy food with delightful taste that optimizes human performance. He is focused on food as medicine.

Dani is a Michelin starred chef and obsessed traveler. He has worked on 4 continents. Based initially in Europe, he started his career in Barcelona at Hofmann Culinary Institute (Escuela de cocina Hofmann) and worked at El Bulli (12 years best restaurant in the world). He was awarded Chef of the Year in Hamburg Germany. Previously, he was Chef consultant at Tokyo Prince Hotels, Former Executive R&D Chef at Bouley restaurants in NYC, Chef consultant at Wegmans, and Chief Culinary Officer at Epicured.

Chef Dani has two daughters, Manuela and Camila. Manuela loves sports and fashion. Camila plays the piano and likes history and literature. Chef Dani is a runner and loves surfing.