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Whether you are on a team looking for a technology to build a high performance team, or you are an individual who wants to get candid feedback from your friends, colleagues or peers, the Feedback app is a tool that provides an anonymous channel to give and receive real-time, honest feedback in a closed, trusted group.

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A tool for high performing teams

Candid feedback brings awareness of your strengths and shortcomings. It challenges you to learn, improve and grow as an individual, team and organization.


Leads to truth, not comforting lies


Fosters an open culture, helps to reduce "water cooler talk"


Rating plus comments helps clarify intent while giving specifics


Closed group, invite-only platform ensures feedback from trusted people

For your Trusted Teams

Applicable for any team of any size. It's a closed platform which enables feedback from vetted and relevant people.




Customer Support


Human Resource

Get Started


Good for small teams to try out feedback


Unlimited team size

6 month feedback history

Customized meetings

5 teams per person


Good for small/mid size teams to implement feedback with individual analytics


per emp/month on yearly basis or $10 per emp/month

Unlimited feedback history

Export/download individual feedback on web

Individual analytics

50 teams per person


Implementing feedback for multiple teams within organization with enhanced security features


per emp/month on yearly basis or $15 per emp/month

Unlimited number of teams per person

Team analytics

Admin tools - data downloads & compliance reports


Tools to train organization in feedback, and ability to evaluate the data trends over time for teams

Analyze trending, real-time data-driven summaries for whole organization

Training App [10x] and Feedback Analytics App included

Private cloud - own your data

Single sign on (SSO)

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