A Better Way To Upgrade Your Teams' Decision Making

Top complaints from team leaders today & how they wished their team operated

Their teams struggle to make independent decisions. This gets worse when surrounded by uncertainty and in today’s world, uncertainty is the new norm.

Weekly & In-Person Training

Next Jump offers both consistent and intense training programs. For optimal performance, we recommend 1 hour weekly virtual training and 2 in-person trainings per year. While the intensity of in-person training creates powerful stories, weekly consistency keeps those stories alive.


Like going to the gym, decision-making and judgement should be trained consistently to stay in shape mentally.

Unlearning Old Automatics:

New Skills for Creation & Innovation:


Train at your place or ours. Includes experiential workshops like Cross-Domain Coaching (CDC)– Become more aware of habits, thought patterns and behaviors via exercises outside core expertise. The exercises also fold in physical challenges to help individuals learn how they perform under pressure and adapt to ambiguous environments.

Kick-Off: 2-Days, Client Location of Choosing

Off-Sites: 3-Days, Hosted at Next Jump, NYC

Client Impact Snapshots

Increased Feedback Quality

The percent of high-quality feedback per session went from a low of 2% to 92% based on an AI, large language model (LLM).
Client Sector: Retail

“Embarking on this journey of self-reflection was initially difficult, especially for someone who tends to maintain a positive outlook. Exploring the flip side pushed me outside my comfort zone, leading to moments of introspection… I noticed a significant shift in my mindset…  I found great value in the feedback we exchanged within our group. Gaining different perspectives has been immensely helpful. Sometimes, we become so focused on our own world that we overlook alternative viewpoints. This feedback loop has been an enlightening experience.”

Increased Peer Sharpening

Peer Sharpening (the amount of developmental feedback) grew by 3x over the training.
Client Sector: Education

“I learned not all feedback has to be confrontational, but you shouldn’t sugar coat it either. I tend to always be positive but if it’s not taken as real feedback, it won’t be very helpful. What challenged my thinking the most was the impact of giving and receiving feedback.  Some of negative feedback I have received in my life has created the biggest change and for some reason I hold back from giving negative feedback to others. There has to be a balance, but I’ve learned that any feedback is better than no feedback.

Higher Team Expectations

Team Expectations grew by an average of 35%.  Every participating team went from a score predictive of low performance into the optimal performance zone.
Client Sector: Military

“I’m more confident calling out poor performance as now realize I’m not helping the person or the team when I don’t do this … because of this course I have higher expectations of performance for my team and don’t accept ‘this the civil service way’.” 

The program is “paying dividends” in people being more comfortable talking openly about development vs waiting for the annual review to say anything … the 1-hr per week on self-development is enough to create change.”

Human Performance Metrics

Insights Driven by 15+ years of Human Performance Data


Apps & Technology

LAGGING METRICS: done 2x/year. Score your decision-making skill
+ prescribes highest ROI training.

… based on technology.

Decision Readiness Score (DRS) The score ranges from 1 to 100. A team without training typically scores 25-35 (pre-training).

The DRS results help identify the highest ROI training for individuals and teams. Do they need to work on unlearning bad mental habits (Modules 1-3) or learning new skills of decision making (Modules 4-6)?

Developmental GPS: Developmental GPS (DevGPS) provides a rapid assessment of five key decision-making skills.

▪ Q1: Future Outlook.
▪ Q2: Measuring Progress.
▪ Q3: Discipline in the Hard Stuff
▪ Q4: Speed & Boldness
▪ Q5: Truth (“No Lying Hiding Faking”)

LEADING METRICS: examples of leading indicators of decision-making (tools that measure in real time)

… based on technology.

Feedback Quality Metric - Uses a large language model (LLM) to evaluate each piece of feedback. The ability to give rapid, high-quality feedback is a trainable skill. Measured per person per team.

Feedback Seeking - Do they encourage peers to critically refine ideas, or do they only solicit affirmations?

Emotional Awareness -Emotions precede decisions. Do they work to be aware of their emotional state & share it with at least one other person?

Feedback App: Trains radical candor within teams (feedback receiving and giving)

On My Mind (OMM) App: Trains exposure of emotions, as emotions drive decision-making but are often ignored or hidden

Leadership Development &
Decision-Making Training (LDDMT)

Decision making is a trainable and infinitely upgradable skill. LDDMT focuses on the hardest form of decision-making: navigating uncertainty and risk-taking. The program, built on 20+ years of refinement, aims to help you unlearn outdated behaviours and promote open communication in teams.

The pressing need now in every organization is for every employee to become highly skilled at decision-making. Those who do this well and continue to constantly train will be most valued in their jobs and poised for organizational success.

In-Person Training Events

Intense 2-3 day training experiences usually timed as kickoff’s and paired with consistent training programs depending on level. The curriculum is complementary to our 1.5 years of weekly curriculum to create powerful experiences and bring teams together more authentically.

  • Automatics On-Site:
    • 2 Days, Client Location, 100-400 People
    • Designed for Mid/VP Level Teams
  • Elite Teaming Off-Site
    • 3 Days, Next Jump, NYC, 10-40 People
    • Designed for Senior (C-Suite or Board Level) Teams

Weekly Virtual Training

Training is broken down into fundamental skills each with a progressive ramp to rep the new habits needed to succeed despite chronic uncertainty and unpredictable stress. Training is deliberately 1-hour a week to fit within busy schedules.

Per Group of 10:

  • 1-Hour/week, no homework
  • Six, 13-Week Modules
  • Train virtually in peer groups of 10
  • Matched with a certified leadership coach

Programs Designed by
a Deliberately Developmental Organization (DDO)

Our Coaching Programs are powered by Next Jump, one of the three companies globally recognized by Harvard as a “Deliberately Developmental Organization” or “DDO,” or company that puts learning at the heart of their corporate culture and strategy.

Next Jump has been at the forefront of leadership in practice for over 25 years, training and collaborating with thought leaders across industry including Military, Education, Sports, Medicine, Non-Profit and F1000.