Sharpen Your
Decision Making

Get awareness into the patterns of thinking that influence your decisions and receive personalized insights to help you train your judgement.

What is DevGPS?

A 5-Question Assessment

Quantify your thinking patterns, gaps in awareness and areas of balance/imbalance which directly impact your decision making.

Increase accuracy by adding the input of those who know you best — peers, coaches. and family.

Measures your effectiveness at establishing and inspiring others towards a goal.

Measures your effectiveness at identifying trends and maintaining perspective.

Measures your consistency and discipline in tackling difficult work.

Measures your speed and boldness to action, which considers your ability to make trade-offs.

Measures how authentically you communicate with others and your ability to seek out truth.

Applying Objective Data To A Subjective Skill

From the assessment, you’ll get quantifiable scores on:

Coming Soon: