Sharpen Your
Decision Making

Get awareness into the patterns of thinking that influence your decisions and receive personalized insights to help you train your judgement.

A 5-Question Assessment

Quantify your thinking patterns, gaps in awareness and areas of balance/imbalance which directly impact your decision making. Increase accuracy by adding the input of those who know you best — peers, coaches. and family.

Future Outlook

Measures your effectiveness at establishing and inspiring others towards a goal.

Measuring Progress

Measures your effectiveness at identifying trends and maintaining perspective.


Measures your consistency and discipline in tackling difficult work.

Speed & Boldness

Measures your speed & boldness, which considers your ability to make trade-offs.


Measures how authentically you communicate with others & your ability to seek out truth.

Applying Objective Data To Subjective Skills

From the assessment, you’ll get quantifiable scores on:

Coming Soon:

Your Partner in
Refining Decision Making

Next Jump brings both understanding of the unique challenges faced in today’s work world and a wealth of expertise and experience; having trained thousands of leaders from a variety of industries including military (US and UK), government, large corporates, education, and small startups.

With over 25 years of experience, Next Jump is a recognized leader in the fields of LEADERSHIP and DECISION MAKING. Harvard recognized them as one of two Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO), highlighting their track record in promoting both individual growth and business excellence.  Drs. Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, renowned researchers, have acknowledged Next Jump’s expertise.

NextJump is one of two companies globally recognized by Harvard as a “DDO,” an organization which puts learning at the heart of their corporate culture and strategy.

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