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The Growth Mindset

Next Jump has designed a series of programs to help employees grow not only as people, but as leaders. These programs allow employees to experiment in areas where they require to develop, without having to fear the consequences of failure.

Our Development Platform
Physical Training

To improve on any aspect of your life, you need a strong foundation. We believe that a strong physical base – centered around fitness, nutrition, and sleep is the key to start growing.

Next Jumpers are encouraged to visit the gym 2x a week, and provided with healthy meal choices daily – all making fitness easy and accesible.

Offered 2x a Week
Offered Daily
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Emotional Training

Decisions made under stressful situations are often the wrong ones. We have engineered programs to help measure, and improve your decision making abilities – or judgement calls. Next Jumpers participate in their emotional training and receive feedback in consistent, intense programs.

Mental Training

While we believe 90% of your training should be on the job, in real life scenarios – we do block our time for skills training as well. We offer weekly, monthly, and annual training sessions – each with varying degrees of intensity.

Offered Monthly
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Spiritual Training

Having a sense of purpose is key to the growth of any employee. We believe that in order to change the world, you must be ready to improve yourself first. When you are your optimal self – you are better equipped to help those around you.

Better ME + Better YOU = Better US.