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Decision-making is a trainable and infinitely upgradable skill.

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Two New Skills Are Required of
21st Century Leaders

In today’s fast-changing world, decision-making is the root skill across industries and roles. But with the rate of change, information and uncertainty, it’s harder than ever.

Under stress, we often stick to old habits without realizing it and are naturally resistant things that challenge the status quo. This activates our psychological immune system (ego, fear, silence, etc). This combined with the chronic uncertainty of today’s environment where it’s not clear what to do, creates indecision and freezing.

Unlearning is 2x Harder than Learning

Leadership Development &
Decision-Making Training (LDDMT)

Decision making is a trainable and infinitely upgradable skill. LDDMT focuses on the hardest form of decision-making: navigating uncertainty and risk-taking. The program, built on 20+ years of refinement, aims to help you unlearn outdated behaviours and promote open communication in teams.

The pressing need now in every organization is for every employee to become highly skilled at decision-making. Those who do this well and continue to constantly train will be most valued in their jobs and poised for organizational success.


Train employees at any level at scale utilizing both consistent and intense programs.

Intense Training:

  • On-sites: 2-Days, Client Location
  • Off-Site: 3-Days, NextJump, NYC

Consistent Weekly Training 
Enterprise Analytics

  • Individual, Team, Enterprise


Train as a group of 10, either form your own groups or private group training which includes enterprise analytics.

Per Group of 10:

  • 1-Hour/week, 13-weeks
  • $7,500
  • $9,500 (include analytics)


Train with other self-driven participants from different organizations matched with a coach. Groups are formed on a rolling basis and in consideration of the experience level.

1 Seat

  • 1-hour week/ 13 weeks
  •  $750

Areas of Expertise



Young Leaders


Food + Health

Who is Next Jump?

perksatwork.com (ecommerce: B2B Amazon)
  • Started as university & corporation coupon book
  • Full e-commerce, employee discounts, perks programs
  • 90K clients, 70% F1000, 30k merchant clients, $2.5BN commerce
  • Top Corporate Clients Include: Goldman, Google, Starbucks
  • Top Brand Clients: Expedia, Priceline, Samsung, Apple, Lenovo
nextjump.com (reskilling humanity)
  • Started as a social movement (pro-bono) 20 years ago
  • Built the best decision-making training
  • Includes both programs & technology
  • Worked with over 10K companies globally
  • First commercial client 2018: US Navy

NextJump is one of two companies globally recognized by Harvard as a “DDO,” an organization which puts learning at the heart of their corporate culture and strategy.

Who is Next Jump?




Do the little things that allow others to do the great things that they are meant to do.

Who is Next Jump?

Next Jump is a technology company, started in 1994 as a coupon business and developed into a successful e-commerce business on a platform called Perks at Work.

But the world started changing and a bigger issue emerged around the role of leadership in organizations. 

Therefore, we built a second business to help transform employees into leaders and leaders into coaches.  It started as a social movement, but the problem grew so big, it became a business.

NextJump is one of two companies globally recognized by Harvard as a “DDO,” an organization which puts learning at the heart of their corporate culture and strategy.


Charlie Kim

Founder & Co-CEO

Charlie Kim is the Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Next Jump. Charlie founded Next Jump in 1994 in his college dorm room. Grew the business to 150 employees in the first dot-com boom, soon to be followed by the dot-com bust, bringing the Company down to 4 employees before building back up to 200 NxJumpers. Charlie is rated as a top mentor and coach in several industries including: U.S. military, professional sports, education, nonprofits, startups and F1000 executives. Next Jump has been recognized by McKinsey as well as Harvard & Cornell for its culture of high performance and coaching techniques for both individuals and team leaders.

Meghan Messenger


Meghan Messenger serves as Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Next Jump, Inc. (NxJ). Meghan started as a local sales intern for Next Jump in 1998 and helped grow the business though the first dot-com bubble to over 150 employees. A few years later, Next Jump survived the dot-com bust however shrunk down to just 4 employees in January of 2002. Meghan was part of the 4-person surviving team, becoming one of the founders of the restructured Next Jump. She also helped build Next Jump’s senior management team, as well as recruit and train some of the best engineers in the country, building the Company back up to 200 employees. She resides in New York City with her husband Mark and her two sons Matthew and Brendan.

Robert Burke

Senior Partner

Robert (Bob) Burke is a Senior Partner. He brings to Next Jump his perspective of having led extremely large enterprises as well as having led small, elite high performing teams, and the experience of moving the Navy’s large personnel system and processes into the 21st century. Bob is a globally respected and multifaceted leader with a proven record of building coalitions, inspiring change, and delivering results.

Bob recently retired as a four-star Navy admiral, where he culminated 40 years of service wearing three simultaneous mantles as Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Europe, Commander of U.S. Naval Forces Africa, and Commander of Allied Joint Force Command Naples, a NATO combined-service command. He has held distinguished posts as the Vice Chief of Naval Operations and as the Chief of Naval Personnel. Robert was a career submarine officer, with assignments in both nuclear-powered attack and ballistic missile submarines.

He has received many awards and honors throughout his career, such as his 2020 Honorary Officer of the Order of Australia for service of the high degree to humanity at large. While in command of the USS HAMPTON (SSN 767), Bob had the unique distinction of being recognized with both the Jack Darby Award for Leadership and the Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership.

Bob is married to Dr. Barbara Burke, a 30-year career Army intelligence officer, who now serves as Academic Dean for Henley Putnam School of Strategic Studies.

Macky Bergman

Senior External Partner

Coach Macky Bergman is the founder and program Director of Steady Buckets. He brings over 15-years of youth coaching experience to Steady Buckets. Coach Macky has trained boys and girls of all ages, top high school prosects, and NCAA student-athletes, as well as Euro-League and NBA professionals. He played four years of varsity basketball at The University of Rochester where he received three all-conferance academic team honors. In 2010 he started Steady Buckets in order to bring quality skill development training to NYC youth basketball players. Under his leadership, Steady Buckets has thrived and now serves over 2,500 youth per year, providing free skill development workouts, instructional leagues, leadership training and workouts designed specifically for girls only and players on the autism spectrum. In 2018 he was honored by NY1 as New Yorker of the Week and by the Brooklyn Nets as Jr. Nets Coach of the Year. In 2021 he was named a Next Jump Social Capitalist, External Partner and Master Coach.

Thomas Fuller

Chief of Engineering

Thomas Fuller is the Chief of Engineering at Next Jump, Inc. Tom joined Next Jump in 1999 as a coder and currently serves as Co-head of our HR Technology and Education business – with the mission to enable leaders to ENGINEER CULTURES OF HIGH PERFORMANCE. Tom’s team has built a suite of applications to help organizations improve how they advance their company culture (feedback, recognition, hiring & evaluations) by combining technology with performance psychology.

Tom has played a leadership role, with our Co-CEO’s, in sculpting Next Jump’s leadership and human capital initiatives. This has led to several key recognitions including Johns Hopkins selecting Next Jump as 1 of 3 healthiest workplaces. Harvard and HBR published An Everyone Culture, recognizing Next Jump as 1 of 3 best run companies worldwide. Additionally, dozens of books reference the innovations of Next Jump and its culture including Simon Sinek, Jim Loehr, and Gabe Zichermann.

Daniel Chavez-Bello

Senior Partner

Dani Chavez-Bello “Chef Dani”, Senior Partner, chef and food expert joined Next Jump after almost a year of pro bono collaboration. His passion is divided between food and health. Dani has over 30 years of experience in the food industry and restaurant business around the world. He is focused on R&D using his expertise in fine dining and food science to build functional and healthy food with delightful taste that optimizes human performance. He is focused on food as medicine.

Dani is a Michelin starred chef and obsessed traveler. He has worked on 4 continents. Based initially in Europe, he started his career in Barcelona at Hofmann Culinary Institute (Escuela de cocina Hofmann) and worked at El Bulli (12 years best restaurant in the world). He was awarded Chef of the Year in Hamburg Germany. Previously, he was Chef consultant at Tokyo Prince Hotels, Former Executive R&D Chef at Bouley restaurants in NYC, Chef consultant at Wegmans, and Chief Culinary Officer at Epicured.

Chef Dani has two daughters, Manuela and Camila. Manuela loves sports and fashion. Camila plays the piano and likes history and literature. Chef Dani is a runner and loves surfing.