Do the little things that allow others to do the great things that they are meant to do.

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Next Jump

We don’t believe in adding “bodies” to our team –we look to find the right people that are looking to improve themselves and use that knowledge to help others.

Next Jumpers train and improve themselves at work and use this knowledge to help others; together we create a better world.

Our cutting edge e-commerce platform is used by 30 million employees across Fortune 1000 companies and generates $2 billion in sales every year. We use the revenue generated from this platform to fuel our social movement: changing workplace culture.

People development is at the heart of everything we do.

What Should You Apply For?


Our Next Jump Partnership program is designed to invest heavily in the most intelligent, coachable, good from within people. While our selection process is rigorous, we select partners to join our in-office select small team that is given incredible coaching and responsibility. 

This leadership program gives benefits, responsibilities and training to help navigate change, become elite decision maker, elite in your craft and has been noted in different industries as a model for organizations.

Key Benefits include:


Our Next Jump Internship program is a highly selective program. Whether engineer or business, our internship program is an amazing growth opportunity to join a small team that will invest heavily in your training – both in your craft and as a leader. Typically internships last 10-12 weeks and are available in any of our Flagship offices.​

​Our Work from Home positions give flexibility and an ability to make a difference while contributing more individually. This position will require more self discipline – while training is available, this will be for self starters.

Current Opportunities


We expect all Next Jumpers to take ownership of their growth and work. You can expect to be given lots of responsibilities from day one, all with the aim to help you become a better decision-maker.


The path to success is not easy. To make any changes in ourselves or in the world, you must be determined and willing to persevere through the challenges that lie ahead, focused on upgrading yourself and making a difference.


We are serious about changing the world. Everyone in the company has an opportunity to make an impact. Whether that’s growing those around you, or giving back to the community through our different programs.




Do the little things that allow others to do the great things that they are meant to do.