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Recognized as a DDO

In 2016, a team of Harvard professors published An Everyone Culture citing Next Jump as 1 of 3 companies globally that represent the future of work – what they call: Deliberately Developmental Organizations (or DDOs for short).

Three ways to get started as a DDO
See how a DDO runs with a Culture Tour
Full immersion in a DDO with Leadership Academy
Listen to the HBR podcast, watch the conference

Why Workplace Culture

Our mission is to help change the world with this simple mantra:

Better Me
Train and improve yourself at work


Better You
Use that knowledge to help others


Better Us
Work together to create a better world
Our Culture in Action

Avengers Award Winners

May 4, 2018

We recently held our annual servant leader recognition ceremony, with a keynote from Susan Cain. For the first time we had two grand-prize winners, TPs Nayan & Xuelan, recognizing the importance of partnership.  Read more and watch our 3 mini TedTalks
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Inside the Petri Dish: Growing Culture

February 6, 2018

Blog Post: A teacher’s experience as an attendee at Leadership Academy.

“For me what was really fascinating is the ‘riverbed’ of the culture; the slow-moving, ingrained cultural values beneath everything that is done that are constantly reinforced, deliberately practiced and habitualised by the approaches, tools, rituals.”

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Learn from Next Jump what it really means to be a “Deliberately Developmental Organisation”

January 10, 2018

CharlieHR visited our London office and wrote up their experience – “Most companies claim to be reinventing something. But only few truly deserve this label. Next Jump is one of the few.”

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What Does Next Jump Do?

Perks at Work

The core of our business, Perks at Work, helps employees access all the benefits their companies offer and helps HR professionals share this information easily with their staff.


Leadership Academy

Learn how to apply our methods to your own company’s culture. We offer half day, full day, and 3 day fully immersive courses about building a better workplace culture.


Develop Leaders

Over the past 21 years, we’ve engineered tools and programs that foster a culture of leadership and growth. Our goal is for each Next Jumper to lead a successful life, both at work and at home.


In the News
Trending Videos
Watch how a DDO onboards

Our recent PLB graduates share their why and onboarding journey in the jacket ceremony at the All Hands Meeting.

July 10, 2017
Academy Reflections with the Air Force

We end our 3-day Academy with dedicated time to reflect and share takeaways. Here is a sampling of what was overheard at the reflections with Air Force leaders in June.

June 26, 2017
Watch Meghan at the CIA

In May, Charlie and Meghan were invited to speak at the CIA. Watch Meghan’s talk on “Leading Yourself,” to 70 senior agency members

May 5, 2017