Leadership & Decision-Making in an Uncertain World

Decision-making is a trainable and infinitely upgradable skill. Learn the skills to navigate and take risk in a chronically uncertain world.

Upgrading leaders
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Blueprint of how to operate in an uncertain world

The world changed & decision-making got more challenging.

We are all beginners in navigating an uncertain world as no one is trained in this skill.

We are living through a time of chronic uncertainty and unpredictable stress. There is no precent for the pace of type of change that we see today. It is effectively 1,000X harder to be decisive and have good judgment when it’s not clear what to do—and more jobs and industries are becoming increasingly ambiguous. This is creating a lot of silence, avoidance, freezing and team dysfunction in the workplace.

“The 100 Year Change” – any company designed to succeed in the 20th Century is doomed to fail in the 21st Century. To learn more, watch this 3-minute video, full-length available here.

We are on the cutting edge of human performance in the 21st century

Leadership Development &
Decision-Making Training (LDDMT)

Decision making is a trainable and infinitely upgradable skill. LDDMT focuses on the hardest form of decision-making: navigating uncertainty and risk-taking. The program, built on 20+ years of refinement, aims to help you unlearn outdated behaviours and promote open communication in teams.

The pressing need now in every organization is for every employee to become highly skilled at decision-making. Those who do this well and continue to constantly train will be most valued in their jobs and poised for organizational success.

In-Person Training Events

Intense 2-3 day training experiences usually timed as kickoff’s and paired with consistent training programs depending on level. The curriculum is complementary to our 1.5 years of weekly curriculum to create powerful experiences and bring teams together more authentically.

  • Kick-Off’s:
    • 2 Days, Client Location, 100-400 People
    • Designed for Mid/VP Level Teams
  • Elite Teaming Off-Site
    • 3 Days, Next Jump, NYC, 10-40 People
    • Designed for Senior (C-Suite or Board Level) Teams
  • Leadership Academy

Weekly Virtual Training

Training is broken down into fundamental skills each with a progressive ramp to rep the new habits needed to succeed despite chronic uncertainty and unpredictable stress. Training is deliberately 1-hour a week to fit within busy schedules.

Per Group of 10:

  • 1-Hour/week, no homework
  • Six, 13-Week Modules
  • Train virtually in peer groups of 10
  • Matched with a certified leadership coach


Who is Next Jump?

perksatwork.com (ecommerce: B2B Amazon)
  • Started as university & corporation coupon book
  • Full e-commerce, employee discounts, perks programs
  • 90K clients, 70% F1000, 30k merchant clients, $2.5BN commerce
  • Top Corporate Clients Include: Goldman, Google, Starbucks
  • Top Brand Clients: Expedia, Priceline, Samsung, Apple, Lenovo
nextjump.com (reskilling humanity)
  • Started as a social movement (pro-bono) 20 years ago
  • Built the best decision-making training
  • Includes both programs & technology
  • Worked with over 10K companies globally
  • First commercial client 2018: US Navy

NextJump is one of two companies globally recognized by Harvard as a “DDO,” an organization which puts learning at the heart of their corporate culture and strategy.




Do the little things that allow others to do the great things that they are meant to do.

Two New Skills Are Required of
21st Century Leaders

In today’s fast-changing world, decision-making is the root skill across industries and roles. But with the rate of change, information and uncertainty, it’s harder than ever.

Under stress, we often stick to old habits without realizing it and are naturally resistant things that challenge the status quo. This activates our psychological immune system (ego, fear, silence, etc). This combined with the chronic uncertainty of today’s environment where it’s not clear what to do, creates indecision and freezing.

Unlearning is 2x Harder than Learning

Who is Next Jump?

Next Jump is a technology company, started in 1994 as a coupon business and developed into a successful e-commerce business on a platform called Perks at Work.

But the world started changing and a bigger issue emerged around the role of leadership in organizations. 

Therefore, we built a second business to help transform employees into leaders and leaders into coaches.  It started as a social movement, but the problem grew so big, it became a business.

NextJump is one of two companies globally recognized by Harvard as a “DDO,” an organization which puts learning at the heart of their corporate culture and strategy.